About Perdix
It all started with an ancient Greek story written by Ovidius. Daedalus, the cousin of Perdix, was recognised as a great scientist and he taught his cousin the ropes of his profession. After a while Perdix invented amongst other things practical instruments like a pair of compasses and the saw, which catapulted in a fame shift from Daedalus to Perdix. Daedalus couldn’t accept that his cousin could become a better scientist than he ever was. Out of jealousy he pushed Perdix from the high temple ‘Parthenon’ but the Goddess Pallas Athena, the guardian Goddess of Artists, turned Perdix into a bird before he would hit the ground. Because of this experience, the Perdix is still afraid to fly too high and likes to fly a bit closer to the ground. As a Gemini, I resonated with this story. Gemini’s are known for their ability to change quickly from a more spiritual perspective (flying) to a more grounded perspective (earth). Besides, Gemini’s are known to seek adventure and try new things. So, this project will cover a wide variety of musical genres and future collaborations.